Reflexology is the holistic practice of applying pressure to certain points of the feet, hands, and even sometimes the ears in order to have a beneficial health effect on a certain part of the body. These points correspond with a system of zones, so therefore reflexology is sometimes known as zone therapy. There are reflexology maps of the feet, hands, and ears, which tell you what part of the anatomy will receive a corresponding therapeutic effect when that point is massaged. For example, massaging the bottom centre of the big toe is supposed to stimulate the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is often known as "The Master Gland" because it can affect metabolism, blood pressure, sexuality, reproduction, and other vital functions.

It is believed that reflexology works by unblocking an imbalance in the body that often follows illness, stress, injury, or disease. Using reflexology to return the balance to the body can help restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium and promote healing.


How Reflexology Works

The body is divided into different zones and each zone is represented by a point on the foot or hand. The left foot and hand represent the left side of the body, whereas the right foot and hand represent the right side of the body. The inside of the foot and hand reflect the spine while the outside reflects the arm and shoulder. The toes and fingers contain points for the head, neck, and some internal parts of the body. The ball of the foot is representative of the chest and upper back, including the heart and lungs.

It is believe that by rubbing certain parts of the foot or hand, you stimulate the nerve endings, which unblock the natural energy field, and helps heal the corresponding part of the body.

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